Honolulu—Moses in the Wilderness—Disobedience of Israel

So the summer in 3rd grade, stayed with my Uncle Henry on Hardesty St in Honolulu. Kaimuki Evangelical Church pastor lived next door. Invited to church. Mr. Robert Tom, kindly and dedicated  older gentleman taught Sunday School…Remember distinctly in quonset hut–from WWII, with a bare light bulb dropped from ceiling and the story of Moses WANDERING around in the Wilderness after crossing Red Sea…Did he do something WRONG? Why were they disobedient?

Learned about faithfulness and caring and love of Christ through his actions….

Pastor Eric’s message yesterday takeway on who/what is worthy of worship….EAR, effort, affection, respect….God doesn’t need the sacrifices of doing but our hearts belonging to Him and reflecting and resting in Him…


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