Reflecting on God’s Goodness and GRACE-

After a GREAT day at church on Sunday with Pastor Brian speaking from Psalms 63,,,,Desert Devotion….which I am re-titling Deserted in the Desert….The goodness and faithfulness of God…What incredible examples Brian drew of the immediate challenges that the Lord has put in his personal life and his dealing with them on a continuing basis.

On Monday, received an email from Jay in Chicago…It was humbling as he referred to our times when I was a high schooler and he was in elementary school and me trying to “minister” at CCUC without any formal training just getting together and showing interest and care.and SPENDING TIME including fumbling through David C. Cook’s lessons in the Word !!!…

This really caused me to reflect back over the goodness and faithfulness and MOST of all GRACE of God  in my life….so decided to share a bit on this blog….

My takeaway from these years of ministry is that young folks-especially those in their formative years….elementary and jr, high- will remember a smidgen of what you said or taught from the Word, but looked at your life of attitude, faithfulness,  dedication and commitment to THEM driven by the love of the Lord for them. Many a time never even thought about it, but yearned to see how the younger folks grew in the Lord and tried to walk by their side..

Reread Proverbs 3….

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